PT download on PlayStation 5 not possible, Konami says

Remember PT? The “Playable Teaser” of what was supposed to have been Silent Hills before being delisted from the PlayStation store around 5 years ago? Some lucky fans out there still have it on their hard drives, owning a valuable copy of history that may never see the light of day ever. While the PlayStation 5 seems to be compatible with around 99% of the PlayStation 4 library, many are wondering whether they could carry over their copies of PT to their new consoles. While it isn’t 100% sure that it would be playable on the PS5, what is sure is that PT won’t make an appearance on the PlayStation 5 store.

This comes from a report by Hirun Cryer, reporter from GamesRadar, saying that Konami had sent them an email stating “the content will not be available on the PS Store, so users won’t be able to re-download the content through the backwards compatibility feature to the PS5.”

This has proven to be a bit confusing. What Konami has indeed confirmed is that it will not be available on the PlayStation store, however, Konami didn’t confirm whether the game will be playable when transferred from a PS4 to a new PS5. Of course, there really isn’t any way of knowing unless someone tests it when the PlayStation 5 is officially released or until Konami gives a clearer statement. Whatever the case may be, keeping your PS4 around just for PT would prove to be a good move.

There may still be hope for people who actually have a copy to play it again on the PS5… or better yet, Kojima may already be working on a new game, which has been rumored for quite a while now!

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