This PlayStation 5 Simulation game will help you pass the time while waiting for your new console

The PlayStation 5 has been made available to many gamers over in various regions of the world and in a couple of days, much more will be able to get their hands on the next-gen console barring supply shortages. While some will still have to wait, particularly in the South East Asian region where stocks will start trickling in starting December, you can pass the time by pretending you already have one with this free PS5 Simulator.

PS5 Simulator is a free game, developed by Alex Grade, and it lets you virtually own a PlayStation 5, messy cables and all, in the comfort of your own… PC. You can even toss your DualSense controller at the screen, pretending you are raging over dying again and again from Demon’s Souls.

playstation 5 simulator

Of course, as this is just a game, it won’t actually replicate the full experience of unboxing and owning a brand new console, but hey at least you won’t need to spend PHP27,990 on it.

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