Xbox Series S now available in the Philippines, priced

It may be a bit late, but it’s finally here! The Xbox Series S has been announced locally by Game One PH and is priced at an affordable PHP19,995. Other retailers like Datablitz have not made an announcement yet but we expect them soon.

Stocks are very limited at this point, expect them to normalize soon, so if you’re unable to get one today, there will be more to come!

The Xbox Series S and Series X are entering the next-generation on a lot of momentum. On top of all the studio acquisitions over the years capped by the purchase of Bethesda, the introduction of Game Pass, and being the most powerful next-gen console, there are a lot of things going right for them and are well poised to give Sony and the PS5 a run for their money, unlike the last generation which was a total disaster for them.

Will you be getting an Xbox Series S or will you wait for a Series X? Let us know!

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