Cyberpunk 2077 – Newbie Guide To In-Game Romance

Cyberpunk 2077 is known for its dark brooding future and the hard-boiled nature of its urban jungle. There’s no knowing when your next moment will be your last as an enemy can easily flatline or zero your character, never to see your destiny to become a legend through and through.

There are many vices, many ways to take the edge off. There are alcohol and drugs, maybe Braindance is your thing. You could get a XBD virtu from the black market or get a lapdance virtu from Lizzies. However, human connection is a little bit of an underrated department in this cold, dark future of neon and chrome.

She knew my real name!

If you know where to look, you’ll find a bit of fast love in this lonely city. Even Geralt in the Witcher 3 found some love where the world seems to not care about his ilk. Surely, you could easy find someone in those cold nights in this city’s neon splendor. We’ve heard of Johnny Silverhand’s exploits, and why not you?

Before continuing, just a spoiler warning as much of the guide deals with mid-game events in Act Two and beyond.

The Femme Fatale and Her Best Friend

Evie Parker is your textbook femme fatale. The entire story really starts with her and she just about gives off that deadly flirtatious vibe. You know something is wrong, but you really want to protect her, get behind her, listen to all her problems. With a high Cool and Reflex attribute (I recommend 4 Cool and 6 Reflex), you can flirt to your heart’s delight.

As far as Femme Fatale types go, your relationship is doomed, as seen in the failed heist trailers. Yet on the Second Act, you have to search for her and you’ll end up bonding with her BFFJudy Alverez, Braindance editor and extra spicy habanero… I was talking about her temper.

Start by giving her call and keep her in the loop of your investigation to Evie’s whereabouts. You’re going after mutual interests, the safety of Evie and information on her employers. Judy’s in it for her friend and I guess, you’re not in the picture.

Things go awry, and you’ll be able to take a side Jobs “Ex-Factor” and “Pisces” to help Judy out. It’s simple wetwork, and it’s recommended to go in at Level 15. If you have her back the whole time, she will definitely have yours. In a city where trust is harder to find than real food, don’t squander the goodwill that you have built.

Will This Romance Last? If you’re a male (or male presenting) V, you’ll develop a deep bond with her, something that goes beyond mere skin contact. If you want something more physical, probably if you’re femme V though. For male Vs, let it go, unless unrequited love’s your thing.

All Roads Lead To Partnership

The best reason to pick a Nomad Lifepath is to easily to get to know Panam Palmer. She’s been excommunicated from her clan and doing jobs in Night City, most couriers and deliveries. She’s had a bad run-in with Afterlife’s prickly owner, Rogue. Now you have to intercept an AV convoy and you gotta get the best driver out in the Badlands, in comes Panam.

Panam has the makings of the best CDPR gal in my opinion next to Triss Merrigold (Team Triss Forever!). She likes her beer strong, cars fast, and huge guns… I mean rocket launchers and 50-cal sniper rifles. Having been betrayed by her last partner and was cut-off by Afterlife, she’s seeking a family she has lost, will you be the one to provide that?

Throughout the main quest line, it’s quite easy to get on her good side. Get payback from her dickstain of a former partner and always have her back in all the dialogue choices if you want to get on her good side.

It will ultimately net you another fight in the Badlands, but you’re a big strong merc, you can take them. Honestly though, if you really wanna get to know her better, prepare to engage in multiple suicide missions for her (Take quests “Riders of the Storm”, “With A Little Help From My Friends”, and “Queen of the Highway”). Admit it, you’ve done far worse feats for so much less.

Will This Romance Last? Yeah, she’s fun to be around with, she’s one of the bros. But be careful with her heart, man. She’s been hurt and she’s been played, and she only has the road to call her friend. If you’re looking for something quick and easy, just rent out a Braindance virtu and get it over with.

But if you really want to work on a real relationship- take care of her and I see a bright future in the dusty desert bowl outside the neon lights, where everything is peaceful and away from that city that consumes everyone…

Corpo Bigshot In The Streets…

Remember our mark back when we still worked for Dex? Meredith Stout? Or have you forgotten already? In my Lifepaths article, I said take the deal with her because she’ll be a contact in the future. And she will definitely contact you. She wasn’t interested in my security detail at all… well Militech isn’t interested in my services. She wants another kind of ride…

To unlock this event, you basically have to trust in her the whole way. Take the Millitec Credit Chip, break into Royce’s network, and take him down with the rest of his gang. In the end, she’ll remember you for future favors.

Give it some time, and in Act Two, you’ll receive a text message and reply with “I was starting to like you” and she’ll call you up to No-Tell Motel where she’ll give you a bit of a mission brief… Be sure to pick up Mr. Phallustaff, a rare non-lethal blunt weapon, on the bed after you’re done.

While I was on my way, I also did a bit of work for Sandra Dorsett, your rescue from “The Rescue”. In a way, I kinda missed out on that one being all cooperative, doing all the things by the book. With this Corpo gal, it’s all about business. Not with Meredith though, she seems to be by the book, but once she gets out of that corporate uniform, well… there’s hell to pay.

Will This Romance Last? Just like any suit, if it’s biz, it stays as biz. I have hope though, but she hasn’t called since “Venus in Furs”… maybe if I increase my Street Cred…

Warning: Last 40 seconds is NSFW

True Bromance

In one of the main side missions of the game, you are introduced to the Peralezes: Jefferson and Elizabeth. They have some a few tasks for you to take care of and they introduce you to hard-boiled detective River Ward to help with an investigation. What follows are a series of Braindances, double crosses and suddenly, you have a new friend in River.

After you complete “Fightin’ With The Law”, he calls you up to help him find his missing nephew in “The Hunt” where you meet his family and see that behind this grizzled natured hard-nosed exterior, is a disillusioned man of justice who just needs a hug, and maybe much more…

Where you take this is up to you and at the end the road, he calls you up for the “Following The River” quest. In a cold city where everyone’s out to get you, you need true bros. Yet if you have a femme character or prefer the same gender and wanna take the relationship further, all the best to you both!

Just a sec, Panam, taking a quick call with my choom…

Will This Romance Last? Bruh, relationships fade away, but bros are forever!

Simping Gets You Nowhere

If you started your Lifepath as a Nomad, you get a nifty little mission related to your old junker. Also you get to meet Lana. You probably know who she is, but yeah… but one thing’s for sure, just like real life, simping gets you nothing. In the mission “These Boots Are Meant For Walking”, while you’re strolling around the junk yard, you’ll bump into your old wheels you started the game with.

They seemed to be repaired then a stranger shows up begging you to give up the car so she can get out of town. You got three choices: threaten her to keep the car, give her the car like a true simp, or offer her some cash (E$100) to buy the junker. I swear, all three seem like loaded choices. My take: pay for the car and walk away. You get to keep you old love for nostalgia’s sake. Or you could just let her have it, because y’know, charity.

Will This Romance Last? Well if you chose the car, if you take care of that and put hours of love into it, oh yeah definitely. If you gave her your wheels, you can always hope she’ll call back from out of town. (She won’t, cuz you a simp)

Just like with any romantic pursuit, you just gotta respect their boundaries and always get consent. As long as both parties are on the same page, then go for it, mixed messages are a waste of time. Don’t forget your safe word. Mine is “Breathtaking”.

For all the Neon Casanovas out there, I wish you luck. This guide attempted to find the most varied of romances possible for everyone, or maybe if friendship’s what you’re looking for, it’s cool. They actually last longer than lovers… trust me, personal experience. Though good luck finding that in this town, a true connection is rarer than a stash of iconic legendary gear.

Maybe you’ll get better results, maybe you’ll crash and burn. If there’s one thing about Night City, once you’re in – you belong to the city, you belong to the night, living in a river of darkness, beneath the neon light… (cue sexy sax here).

E$55,000 and worth every eddie, because I prefer to break my wallet than my heart

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