Immortals Fenyx Rising – Guide to completing all the Big Lyre Challenges

Immortals Fenyx Rising is a sprawling open world title from Ubisoft that we’ve been pleasantly surprised with. While it may feel familiar, it certainly is a lot of fun! You’ll be taking control of Fenyx, the hero of the story, and there will be many things that you’ll need to upgrade to take on the the tougher bosses of the game.

Skills will be an essential thing that you’ll want to constantly upgrade, but it’ll cost you quite a lot of Charon’s Coins to do so. Scattered around the world are Myth Challenges, which will reward you with these coins, and one of the easier challenges will come from the Big Lyre Challenges.

Each section of the map will have its own Big Lyre and scattered around the area will be Small Lyres which will play a sequence of notes that you’ll have to memorize and replay on the Big Lyre. Doing so will reward you with valuable Charon’s Coins to upgrade your skills.

The thing is, you don’t really have to go to each Small Lyre to figure out which sequence to play if you already know them. But you don’t, so that’s where this guide comes in!

Think of the Big Lyre Strings as a number, with 1 as the leftmost string and 4 as the rightmost string. So if you see a sequence below that shows 1-2-3-4, then its the leftmost string first, all the way up to the rightmost string. It will be easiest to use your Bow to hit the strings accurately, so be sure you have enough ammo for those longer sequences.

You can go through the areas in any order you wish, but we’ll start with the obvious starting point in Clashing Rocks and work our way clockwise.

Got it? Let’s go!

Clashing Rocks

  • 2-4-1
  • 4-3-4-1
  • 3-1-2-4-4

Valley of Eternal Spring

  • 4-2-1-4-2
  • 3-2-3-1-4
  • 2-4-1-3
  • 1-3-2-4-2-1

Grove Of Kleos

  • 2-4-1
  • 1-4-3
  • 2-1-3-4

The Forgelands

  • 1-4-1-3
  • 3-2-1
  • 1-3-2-3

War’s Den

  • 3-1-1-2-4-3
  • 2-1-3-2-3-4
  • 1-1-4-2-3
  • 2-3-1-4-2-4

King’s Peak

  • 2-2-4-2-3
  • 3-4-4-2-3
  • 1-4-2-3

That’s it! Should give you enough Coins to upgrade a lot of your skills and help you out in your journey against Typhon. We also have a beginner’s guide for those just starting out their adventure.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is available now on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Switch, PC, and Stadia.

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