Sony expects the PS5 to outdo the PS4’s first fiscal year of sales

The next generation is nearly upon us, as both Microsoft and Sony area gearing up for the closest battle they’ve had in years. While it is quite clear that the Xbox Series S and X will more than likely outsell the Xbox One from the start, the PlayStation 5 is in an unenviable position to try and outdo the PlayStation 4. A daunting task, but CEO Jim Ryan is quite confident, saying that he expects the PS5 to outdo the PS4’s first fiscal year of sales.

In an interview with Naver (via Daniel Ahmad), Ryan predicts a strong sales showing for the PS5 when it releases starting November 12, quite possibly anchored by its momentum from the current-gen as well as their launch lineup, with more to come next year like Horizon Forbidden West and the new God of War.

Of course, there are a number of factors to consider this time. Microsoft has been making smart moves for the past few years and with Bethesda now under their belt, they could very well lead the next-generation charge with guns blazing.

The prevailing conditions brought about by COVID could also be a factor that would determine whether enough quantities of the PS5 can actually be manufactured and shipped around the world.

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