PlayStation 5 3D audio will work with your current headphones

Apart from its custom SSD and DualSense controller, one other thing to get excited about the PlayStation 5 is the 3D audio brought about by its Tempest 3D AudioTech. The PS5 will launch with the Pulse 3D Wireless, a headset designed to take advantage of this new technology. Players will be glad to know that with or without the Pulse 3D headset, 3D audio will work with your current headphones.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, it is indicated that “you’ll be able to experience 3D Audio with the headphones that many of you already own, either through USB connection to the console, or by plugging your headphones into the DualSense wireless controller’s 3.5mm headset jack.” This is indeed great news for players who already have existing headsets but don’t want to purchase the Pulse 3D Wireless just for the PS5.

Players not comfortable with headsets and use traditional TV speakers won’t get to experience virtual surround on day one, but will be getting it sometime in the future.

When the PS5 launches on November 12 in selected territories and November 19 worldwide, titles like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls will immediately take advantage of the 3D audio features, and you can expect immersive sound quality that will be quite the experience.

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