Hideo Kojima has reportedly signed a letter of intent with Microsoft for his next game

A few months back, it was reported that Hideo Kojima, the mastermind behind polarizing hits like Death Stranding, is teaming up with Xbox for his next game. It’s not really a left-field idea, seeing as Kojima and his studio are not exclusive to any platform at the moment, but recent reports are saying that the upcoming project is indeed happening, and has hit a major milestone in making the deal a reality.

VentureBeat reports that both Hideo Kojima and Microsoft have “signed a letter of intent” basically signifying that both parties are working towards an publishing agreement which will have Microsoft publishing Kojima’s next game, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Lawyers are just finalizing the details of the agreement at this point but based on the progress, it seems like the project is a definite go if the report is to be believed.

There have been rumors that Hideo Kojima’s next title is a “cloud-based” title and since then, Microsoft has made some key moves, like hiring Kim Swift for cloud-based projects. Swift was the former design director for Google Stadia and best known for her work on Portal.

VentureBeat also goes on to report that “it is very unlikely that Microsoft’s deal would prohibit Kojima from working with other companies”, since Kojima is indeed working on a Death Stranding Director’s Cut with Sony that might see a full reveal soon.

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