The Initiative finally reveal their first game and it’s a new Perfect Dark

Microsoft loves The Game Awards. Apart from revealing the Xbox Series X during the show last year, The Game Awards 2020 was no different as they indeed dropped another bomb in the form of a new Perfect Dark game.

Perfect Dark was revealed during The Game Awards 2020 and as announced, will be the first game from “The Initiative”, the very high profile first party studio Team Green.

Check out the official announce trailer below:

If anything, this game is riding on very high expectations. The Initiative is touted as a AAAA Studio, with a focus on ultra blockbuster games, and with talent from various top studios in the industry all merging to make the dream come true.

Next, its Perfect Dark, arguably one of the best shooters ever, and indeed one of the top games of the Nintendo 64 from 20 years ago.

This game will be one that everyone will be looking out for, and its got big shoes to fill, but The Initiative is more than capable of taking up the challenge.

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