Destiny 2 ‘The Final Shape’ Expansion Unveils Prismatic Subclass and New Enemy Faction, Coming June 4

Bungie has revealed new details about Destiny 2‘s The Final Shape DLC, which is scheduled to launch on June 4, 2024.

During the recently concluded Developer Gameplay Preview, the developers showed off the Prismatic Subclass, which combines the powers of the Light and Darkness, as well as the Dread, a new enemy faction.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Prismatic Subsclass

In The Final Shape expansion, Guardians will be given access to the Prismatic Subclass, allowing them to Light and Darkness at the same time. This subclass introduces new options to enhance and customize each playstyle with the combination of multiple element types.

Each class will also get a unique grenade that combines multiple subclass elements: Warlocks will have Stasis/Void, Titans will have Strand/Arc, and Hunters will have Solar/Stasis.

Additionally, Guardians will also be able to wield an Exotic Class Item—Hunter’s cloaks, Titan’s marks, and Warlock’s bonds—which have randomized exotic-level perks for the first time, taking two features from existing Exotic class items (even some belonging to other classes) for further gameplay customization.

destiny 2 the final shape prismatic subclass

Destiny 2 The Final Shape New Enemy Faction

Destiny 2 The Final Shape also introduces the Dread, a new enemy faction wielding new abilities to take the fight to the Guardians. In addition to the Tormentor introduced in Lightfall and the previously revealed Subjugators, the new Grim, Husk, Attendant, and Weaver units have also been revealed:

  • Grim: A highly mobile flying enemy that slows and suppresses a Guardian’s abilities if they get too close.
  • Husk: An acrobatic melee bruiser that sends a deployable geist enemy toward you unless you hit their weak spot with a final blow.
  • Attendant and Weaver: By wielding Stasis and Strand, respectively, these units can instantly change the flow of the encounter and force Guardians to pay attention to their positioning on the battlefield.
destiny 2 the final shape dread enemy faction

In anticipation of The Final Shape, Destiny 2: Into the Light is now available to all players at no additional cost, which includes exciting content, including the new wave-defense Onslaught activity; iconic fan-favorite weapons with standard and limited-edition variants; the new Hall of Champions social space; reprised The Whisper and Zero Hour Exotic missions; a new raid boss gauntlet called Pantheon; fresh rewards; and more.

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