Riot Games announces League of Legends: Wild Rift esports for 2021

Riot Games has already kicked off the 11th season of League of Legends esports and it has announced that 2021 will be the year for League of Legends: Wild Rift esports.

“Like League PC, League of Legends: Wild Rift is wildly competitive, with the depth, complexity, and high stakes moments that make for a great sport,”

John Needham, Head of Global Esports at Riot Games

“While we continue to oversee a rollout of Wild Rift via Open Beta in numerous countries, we’re ready to establish a framework for players to compete at the highest level,” says Needham. “This will be the year we will experiment and learn, setting the foundations for the long-term success of the sport. You will see our first competitions come to life later in 2021.”

Riot looks to take the initial steps to build the Wild Rift Esports ecosystem across the globe. Some of these are already in place like in Southeast Asia.

Riot Games Southeast Asia announced its Wild Rift Esports competitive and collegiate plans with the season kicking off with several smaller, intermittent competitive events through March. In April, teams will transition to eight location-specific tournament circuits to compete for the local championship and later to compete against other local champions from Southeast Asia.

Riot Games SEA will be announcing more on the formats, timing, and events.

In other news, Riot is also planning on making an MMORPG set in the LoL Universe!

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