Second batch of PlayStation 5 pre-orders scheduled for January 22


Via their Facebook pages, various other retailers like Sony Philippines, Toy Kingdom, Gameline, GameXtreme have all posted mechanics already in preparation for the pre-orders that will be held tomorrow.


One month after the release of the PlayStation 5 in the Philippines, local retailers have set up notices for a second batch of preorders that is scheduled for tomorrow, January 22. Retailers like Datablitz and Game One PH have posted on their social media accounts, and surely others like GameXtreme and Gameline will have allocations too.

Mechanics may vary per retailer, as some will adapt the 5 minute pre-order window like last year, and some will use a raffle system, so make sure to check out their posts for more details on how to join.

Going into tomorrow, keep in mind that stocks are extremely limited, and these retailers will not be divulging how many units there will be, so be prepared to face disappointment just in case. If you do get lucky though, congratulations in advance!

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