Ten Titles To Try On The Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass, the wonderful service to some of the best game titles around for the price of a streaming service subscription. It’s the best option to save you money on gaming, and with a library boasting of 100+ titles, it is literally gaming’s Netflix. Also, it gives you another problem, which is decision paralysis.

While you are limited by your storage space on how many games you could fit, let us help you out with ten titles to choose from the massive gallery of games to play. I tried to avoid titles that are first party (well, except Doom Eternal) like Grounded and Gears of War, as they will be in the library longer than these other titles on this list. I suggest you start these titles as soon as possible before they leave a few months down the line.

Doom Eternal

It is a Game of the Year contender for a reason, and a hi-octane action game at that. It plays very well on the Xbox Series X but if you’re more of a PC gamer, a keyboard + mouse will definitely work wonders. Doom Eternal hearkens back to the boomer shooters of the past, so if you’ve been weaned on Call of Duty and forged in the flames of Fortnite, Doom Eternal may be different from the shooters that you’re used to and might not justify a $20USD cover charge. You have Game Pass to the rescue! Try it out and see if you like it because heaps of gamers swear by this title.

Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of An Elusive Age Definitive Edition


Just to let you know, there is no Final Fantasy on this list, but I really would recommend takingDragon Quest XI for a spin. Spanning a good 60-80 hours of game play, it will be worth your Game Pass subscription and then some. For old school JRPG fans, this is definitely the game for you as it is engaging with its battle system, it has a curious plot, and some wonders in crafting and exploration. If you miss the good old RPG days and are exhausted with the live service wasteland out there, here is something up your alley as it is familiar as an old friend. We swear by it!

A Plague Tale: Innocence

One of the more overlooked titles of 2019, A Plague Tale boasts an engaging story between two siblings trying to survive during the time of the Black Death. It is a great title to begin on Game Pass as it is short enough to get involved in while a little too overpriced on any retailer’s menu. It boasts a fun stealth mechanic while you can also fall in love with its story. At least on the Game Pass, it is something to come check out while it’s still on the catalogue. Definitely an underrated title that everyone should play!

Nier: Automata

With the Final Secret Ending being revealed recently, you really don’t need to go through the arduous journey to quest for the 26 different endings. At least you could find out what all the super fans are raving about before the release of Nier Replicant on April. All you gotta do is beat the first boss and input the code by the barrels. You lose your save file, but you also gain all the modes. You can do all that while on Game Pass!

No Man’s Sky

With No Man’s Sky being the most improved award for the last few years, this ongoing title has redeemed itself in the eyes of the fans and fully delivered on its promise from a few years back. If you’re still dubious you’re not going to like what you play, come try it out on the Game Pass! It’s a few gigs in size and you could hop around on some planets and then if you are playing it on the Xbox Series X, you can just Quick Resume Gears Tactics or Tekken 7 if you get bored. Then Quick Resume back into this game and see if you’re still enamored by its sights, sounds, and wonders of space travel.

Streets of Rage 4

It’s been a while since Bare Knuckle/Streets of Rage or any old school beat-em-up have graced the consoles as of late. You have a second chance at returning to your Sega Genesis nostalgia and test out this wonder. It is short enough and fun enough that it’ll challenge you to its harder difficulties. And if it’s not really for you, you still have a 100 other titles to peruse on the service.

Tekken 7

Out of all the titles on this list, I’d say try Tekken 7 first if you don’t own or have played it yet. It leaves Game Pass some time this month and for a fighting game, you’ll probably breeze through the Story mode to catch you up on the Tekken Saga. It’ll probably be Heihachi/Jin/Kazuya trying to kill somebody in the family as usual while you brush up on your ten-hit strings. Better get cracking, it’ll be de-listed before you can master the just-time frame.

Wasteland 3

This is a curious title. I’m usually dubious of isometric RPGs on the console as either my eyesight is going bad or I’m being a purist and these titles should be played on the PC. At least with Game Pass Ultimate, you’re able to play on the PC and on your Xbox. You could try this on both platforms and see which one your really like best. Plus it’s okay to start with this one and retroactively try the last couple of games, but apparently the second one wasn’t that great. At least the remastered edition of the first title is out on Game Pass as well.

Witcher 3


So, you haven’t played The Witcher 3 yet? What about the first two? If you’ve watched the Netflix series, you can continue Geralt’s adventures with The Witcher 3 as many of the characters you’ve known and loved from the series are present here more so than the last two titles. A word of warning that this will be a good 50-70 hours at least, so depending on your progress, by the time you complete the main questline, it may or may not be taken off the Game Pass.

Yakuza 0

Have you heard about our lord and savior Kazuma Kiryu and the book of Ryu Ga Gotoku? Surely you knew this was coming as I’ve been trying to get anybody to play the Yakuza series for the longest time. It’s difficult to describe and you just have to experience it to find out why (at least my opinion) it’s so acclaimed. If there’s a title you have to start with, I would go with Yakuza 0. While this won’t leave Game Pass any time soon, take note that two other titles are also on Game Pass and the rest of the collection will arrive on Xbox and PC on March. So if you’re thinking of starting the series, you can start here.

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