Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade coming out on June 10, features PS5 upgrade and Yuffie

We hoped and prayed for a Final Fantasy VII Remake update at the State of Play and for some reason, we didn’t get the sequel, but Square did throw us a bone with Intergrade. At first I shrugged it off as your typical PS5 upgrade video, with remastered graphics and faster loading times, but the Yuffie Episode took us by surprise. Yes, you heard us right, Yuffie is making an appearance in this game!

The new PS5 version is launching on June 10, and previous owners of the PS4 version are able to upgrade to PS5 for free with the save data carrying over. The PS5 upgrade will also feature various upgrades such as “Graphics” mode that prioritizes 4K, a “Performance” mode that prioritizes 60FPS, and a Photo Mode.

However, the new episode will be “available for purchase after upgrading to the PlayStation 5 version”, meaning Yuffie will only be available on the PS5 version as a paid DLC if you upgrade from the PS4. Take my money anyway.

As per the PlayStation Blog, “the pre-order bonus for the digital version of the game features Yuffie’s weapon “Cacstar,” which can be used in her new episode.”

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is available on the Playstation 5 on June 10.

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