No future release in sight for Dying Light 2, report suggests

It has been a year and change since we’ve received any updates for first-person action parkour title Dying Light 2. While it seemed optimistic that we may get a 2021 release, a new report from TheGamer suggests that because of issues between the management and developers, we won’t be seeing any updates any time soon.

In this long and informative read, anonymous employees, both formerly and currently employed, share stories painting developer Techland in a negative light. The criticisms on their management staff and the company as a whole suffers from “constant iteration, lack of direction, and absence of trust for the experts at the studio”, along with “unrealistic deadlines.”

There were also reports of bizarre marketing proposals including sending virus tests of the fictional pathogen to PR companies as well as a photo shoot in Mexico featuring body bags of infected individuals. In some other time period this could have been “ok”, but during the pandemic this could be seen as something done in very bad taste. If these stories could be believed, Dying Light 2 may not see the light of day anytime soon.

CEO Pawel Marchewka has been in touch with TheGamer, and has mentioned that “Techland takes the welfare of our staff seriously and we are always evaluating ways that we can learn and improve – that is the key to long-term success. We expect all our employees to set a good example and treat others the way they would expect to be treated themselves. To support that, we are starting a series of different training sessions [this year], including with specialists from outside our organisation. It is important that all of our employees know that we do not discriminate against anyone based on gender, colour, or sexual orientation.”

You can read the full story over at TheGamer.

Dying Light 2 has been previously announced for the PC, Xbox One, PS4, and the next-gen consoles.

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