Delay season strikes again as Dying Light 2 will be pushed back with no definite release date

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First Final Fantasy 7 Remake, then Avengers, then Cyberpunk 2077. It seems that all major 2020 releases are hitting some sort of development snag and isn’t stopping anytime soon as delay season lays claim to another victim in the form of Dying Light 2.

Techland, developers of Dying Light 2, has announced that they are delaying the release of the game due to needing “more development time to fulfill our vision”. Check out the official statement below!

Fans of the series will be disappointed as there was no indication as to when the new release date will be, as it was initially slated to launch on Spring 2020.

Hopefully, this delay sees Techland fulfill the vision they have for the game without sacrificing the health and well-being of the development team who will undoubtedly be working for an extended period of time to see this game into release.


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