Reports say PlayStation 5 to enable storage upgrades in the Summer

One big gripe from PlayStation 5 owners was that the storage was too small to actually “collect” games in the system, needing to delete and redownload games once the paltry 667GB available is used up. Well, if reports are true, this won’t become a problem anymore as Sony is looking to open up the functionality of the internal M.2 expansion slot in the Summer.

A report from Bloomberg brings this news, and we can imagine that many users will be happy about this. While the report does not mention if Sony will announce specific storage variants that are compatible with the system, it is at least a relief that the option will be available soon.

Additionally, the firmware update to unlock higher cooling fan speeds will also be available according to the report. If you remember, it was mentioned that data was being collected as to how the fans are being used, thus allowing Sony to optimize fan usage.

At the moment, it is not known when the exact date of this firmware update will happen, so we’ll have to wait for more official updates from Sony themselves.

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