The Sinking City enhanced version available now on the PS5

There’s something about The Sinking City that draws me into its imaginative Lovecraftian world. Controls and combat fixes could use another year of polish, but the lore and the story progression is really good. So a part of me is reluctantly curious to test out the enhanced version of the game coming out on the PS5, as was just recently announced.

With no fanfare and appropriate release, just a trailer a day before launch (overshadowed by a robust Nintendo Direct event), it is the stealthiest drop we’ve had this week. It is unfortunate that current PS4 owners don’t have a free upgrade to the game because of a publishing dispute on the PS4 rights with the developers and their previous publisher (Nacon), so Frogwares is self-publishing the PS5 version.

While it is retailing for $49.99 for the standard edition and the $64.99 for the deluxe pack, the downloadable content from PS4 will be included in the main game. Some of the promised features include faster loading times, enhanced graphics (though I prefer the somewhat washed out look of the PS4), and Dualsense support.

Despite a 30% discount for PS Plus subscribers and the collectible art book bonus for the standard edition, I’m really iffy paying a premium for this title with all its blemishes. So I guess checking out a review is in order. Check out my writeup for this game and horror games in general.

The Sinking City for the Playstation 5 is now available.

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