Project Triangle Strategy sounds perfect in the original Japanese voices

I don’t know about you but I hated the English dub of Project Triangle Strategy — the hokey British accent trying to emulate the deep alto of the Japanese narrator and Serenoa’s unbearable prepubescent voice drove me up the wall among other things.

My suspicions were further justified after hearing the voice acting in the Japanese teaser trailer. Goosebumps ran across my arm with the original Japanese voices blending with the orchestrated music. For once I actually cared about the plight of the continent of Nozaria tired of the endless wars that were fought to secure resources. Listen to them below.

Here’s another experiment, play the demo to get the gist of the prologue and then listen to the Japanese original voices on the Story Trailer below. Oh that’s so much more soothing to the ears. Call me a weeb, but unless it’s a game made by a Western publisher/developer, I just can’t with the English dubbing. Hopefully the next demo and the final game has both voiceover options.

Project Triangle Strategy has been announced for the Nintendo Switch on 2022 and a demo is currently available at the Nintendo Eshop.

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