Square Enix To Release Structured Arts Xenogears Model Kits

Anyone who has owned a PlayStation would know Sony’s console had a plethora of RPGs by Squaresoft. Alongside Final Fantasy VII, gamers enjoyed titles like Parasite Eve, Brave Fencer Musashi, and another little gem called Xenogears.

Xenogears was quite a game back in the day, with its deep storyline, memorable characters, and you simply can’t leave out the Gears because giant robots are just awesome. It was definitely something special as Xenogears became the first of the Xeno series of games and following in its footsteps came Xenosaga and Xenoblade Chronicles.

Now while there hasn’t been a proper sequel to the classic PlayStation RPG (and we’re still hoping for one or at least an actual remake), something is coming for all Xenogears fans out there, especially fans of the Gears.

Here’s Square Enix’s Structured Arts line of 1/144 model kits featuring the main Gears of Xenogears:


The main Gear piloted by Xenogears protagonist Fei Fong Wong. While it noticeably lacks any kind of weapons, its hand-to-hand combat skills are still formidable.

Weltall comes with no other accessories aside from different hand positions, further showing it doesn’t need weapons to take out any enemy foes.


Piloted by ex-Solaris soldier Elly Van Houten, what the Vierge lacks in physical abilities it makes up for in devastating Ether attacks.

Vierge comes with a few alternate hands as well as its signature Battle Rod weapon.


The Brigandier is a stylish piece of work, going as far as being fitted with an eyepatch to match its pilot, Sand Pirate leader Bart Fatima.

Just like its pilot, the Brigandier fights using a pair of whips and even includes an extra feather accessory.


Rounding off the line-up of Gears is Heimdal. Just like Weltall, it’s formidable in hand-to-hand combat but is just as capable when wielding a weapon, very much like its pilot the wise doctor Citan Uzuki

Heimdal comes with a couple of alternate hands, as well as a sword that it uses later on in the game.

Just from these pictures alone, the Gears have never looked better, and to think all these Gears will be released together as a box set! Now fans should know these aren’t the only gears of Xenogears. Who knows if other box sets will follow, which will maybe include the likes of Renmazuo, Stier, Seibzhen, and Cresens but that’s all up to speculation for now.

There’s no news of local preorders or local release just yet, but they’ll be going for around 8712 Japanese Yen or around PHP4015.70, with an estimated release of March 2021.

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