Triangle Strategy Was Brought To Life Because Of Fan Support And Reception To HD-2D Style

Triangle Strategy is the latest tactical RPG from Square Enix, drawing many similarities to a classic from years ago, Final Fantasy Tactics. The clamor for a Tactics remake is palpable, but Triangle Strategy is not a title that players should overlook, providing quality gameplay topped with an intriguing storyline that will hook you from start to finish.

We recently got a chance to speak (email) to a very important person on the team, Triangle Strategy producer Yasuaki Arai, to answer a few questions pertaining to the game. We asked about some of the changes made from the player feedback given, how the Scales of Conviction feature came to be, and what game did Arai-san want to give the HD-2D treatment to.

triangle strategy producer yasuaki arai
Triangle Strategy Producer Yasuaki Arai

Last year, the team gathered feedback on the game and quite a number of players provided their thoughts about various aspects of the game. Were you surprised at those results and if so, what surprised you the most about the feedback? Did the results affect the final storyline in any way, considering that the narrative is such an important part of the game?

Yasuaki Arai (YA): When we asked players what did they expect out of playing a tactical role-playing game, the storyline was the most common answer in every region. With that in mind, we set out to curate a game with a storyline and genre that mature players would be able to enjoy for a new HD-2D title.

When we were consolidating feedback on the game, the story structure had already been completed, and we were almost finished with the voice recording process. While there was not enough time to reflect users’ feedback in the main game, the feedback we received did nudge us to polish game elements such as exploration, story background, and character dialogues.

The Scales of Conviction feature is quite interesting and plays an important role in deciding the branching storylines of the game. Could you share more about this feature, and how the team decided on having playable characters play their own part in a major decision – and not just leave it all to the main protagonist?

YA: When we were conducting a user survey during the debut of the game’s demo, Serenoa still had the right to vote. However, when we were trying to balance the voting system within the game, it was decided that it would be better not to include Serenoa in.

With regards to the Scales of Conviction system, we were concerned that it might be taken negatively as the game might not progress according to the player’s expectations, given the nature of the system. However, we received feedback that users enjoyed this system, so we took the chance and omitted the rights of Serenoa to vote, in order to prioritise the game balance.

In response to that change, a setting called “tokens of conviction” was created to give meaning to the seven people who have voting rights. I think these changes have created more weight, tension, and immersiveness in the persuasion and voting process.

triangle strategy screenshot

A lot of fans are providing very strong feedback about what other titles they would like to see remade in this HD-2D style that has been well received. If given the chance, is there any game that you would like to see done in this style, similar to how Triangle Strategy is being compared to Final Fantasy Tactics?

YA: The answer to this question would be “LIVE A LIVE”. I am a fan of the game, and was thinking about proposing a remake of it years before I joined Team Asano.

At that time, it didn’t quite piece itself together, but the enthusiasm of LIVE A LIVE fans is still strong, and many were receptive to the HD-2D style. This was also one of the reasons why we brought Triangle Strategy to life.

Fans’ feedback and voices play a major role in igniting the start of a new project. We would definitely appreciate it if fans would continue sharing their thoughts, opinions, and support!

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Triangle Strategy is now available for the Nintendo Switch.

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