Nintendo Switch OLED – Everything you need to know

The Nintendo Switch OLED model has just been announced, much to the surprise of many. Leave it to Nintendo to drop an announcement like this without warning or fanfare, and while many were expecting a more substantial hardware upgrade, this will have to do for now.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model is scheduled to release on October 8 and will retail for $349.99. This is the latest addition to the Nintendo Switch Family, joining the V2 and the Lite. It features a few upgrades that might make it a tempting purchase for first-time Switch owners, which we’ll break down below.

What are the new features of the Nintendo Switch OLED?

The Nintendo Switch OLED features a few nifty upgrades from the V2, bannered by its bigger 7″ OLED screen compared to the previous 6.2″ screen. The look of the tablet remains largely unchanged, but there are smaller bezels to accommodate the increase in screen size.

The OLED screen will feature brighter and more vivid colors, perfect for those who play handheld a lot. Resolution output is the same at 1280×720, so no, this is not the fabled 4K capable Switch that has been heavily speculated. Battery life will run almost the same mileage as the V2 model that was released back in 2019, around 4.5-9 hours depending on use.

nintendo switch oled

Other features include a Wider Kickstand, a Wired LAN Port built in to the dock, Enhanced Audio from its onboard speakers, and 64GB of internal storage compared to 32GB from the V2. The Dock design is also slightly different, featuring a new look with curved corners.

No, the Nintendo Switch OLED model does not have Bluetooth audio.

Everything else, especially the internals, is exactly the same.

Are there going to be new colors for the Nintendo Switch OLED?

When it launches in October, the Nintendo Switch OLED will feature new packaging, along with 2 colors – one with the original neon and black combination and another with the new white and black color motif. Both models will retail for $349.99.

That’s not to say that there won’t be other variants, but we’ll have to wait for future Nintendo announcements for that one.

A carrying pouch with the same color theme will also be available on October 8 and will retail for $19.99.

nintendo switch oled pouch

Can I play all my Switch games on this new OLED model? Can I use my existing Joy-Cons as well?

Yes you can. All previously released Nintendo Switch games are compatible with the OLED version. All previously released Joy-Cons are also compatible with the OLED version and will also work vice-versa.

Does that mean this version may still experience Joy-Con drift? That’s a tough question to ask, since I’ve had a Switch since day one and have never experienced it. I know it exists, but that’s definitely a function of wear and tear, so it’ll largely depend on how you use it. Short answer is that the OLED version Joy-Cons are the same, take that as you will.

According to an official Nintendo FAQ site, “there may be differences in game experience with some of the Toy-Con accessories from the Nintendo Labo series, due to differences in console and screen size between Nintendo Switch (OLED model) and Nintendo Switch.”

Also note that some game experiences may differ slightly due to the larger screen.

Any word about Dock compatibility? Will the new Dock be sold separately?

nintendo switch oled dock

Your current Nintendo Switch will be able to use the new Dock and the Nintendo Switch OLED will be able to use the old Dock. There’s no compatibility issues, but do note that a software update may be required.

Nintendo has also confirmed via Digital Trends that the new dock will be sold separately, but it won’t come with an adaptor, an HDMI cable, nor as part of a package. The only way to get this will be via the Nintendo Store, so if you’re on the hunt for that snazzy looking white Dock, either call a friend or get it directly from the Nintendo Store.

Will the Nintendo Switch OLED be available in the Philippines? When can we pre-order and how much is it?

The answer to this will most likely be a yes, as this version of the Switch doesn’t look to be a limited release. The only unknowns right now are when and how much.

The Nintendo Switch OLED is scheduled to release on October 8, so ideally we should be getting it on the same day. That would be the perfect scenario, but there is also the possibility that it might arrive at a slightly later date.

The Nintendo Switch OLED will retail for $349.99, or around PHP17,500. More often than not, prices here turn out to be slightly more expensive, so expect this to come close to PHP20,000 when it releases.

Chances are, these will be difficult to get a hold of, so get ready to go through the ringer and pray you get lucky when pre-orders go live.

No official pricing or pre-orders have been put out by local retailers like Datablitz and Game One PH, so we’ll just have to wait for an announcement.

Should I buy the Nintendo Switch OLED?

nintendo switch oled 2

If you are coming from the Switch Lite and are tempted to upgrade, this seems like a logical choice. Not only will you get the latest hardware with a bigger and shinier OLED screen, you’ll also get docking capabilities and the option to change up your Joy-Cons should you feel the need to. The jump is big enough to merit the upgrade.

If you are coming from the V1 or V2 Switch, things get a little complicated. The Nintendo Switch OLED is an incremental upgrade at most, and when it comes down to, you’re only really getting the benefits of the 7″ OLED screen. Anything else, like the 64GB internal storage, wider kickstand, and the LAN port can be solved pretty easily through other means.

If you’re hoping against hope for the “Pro”, which by the way has not been confirmed by Nintendo in any way, then you could wait it out a bit more. That said, you have to ask yourself if an OLED screen is reason enough for you to plop down some cash.

I would personally say no, but that’s just me.

Will the Switch “Pro” ever come at all?


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