Square Enix Project Triangle Strategy announced, eShop Demo Available Like Right Now

Octopath Tactics?!
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If there was a standout in the Nintendo Direct, it’s Eiji Aonuma giving us the runaround about Breath of the Wild 2, Square Enix’s surprise Project Triangle Strategy is a close second. The trailer right away gave some Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics vibes, I just screamed “Octopath Tactics!” out loud during the announcement. The only thing I got right was that it’s a Square Enix game.

The biggest surprise from that trailer is that a demo is out now at the Nintendo eShop with a survey to answer once you’ve completed it. It reminds me of how Bravely Default II came out with their demo last year and it’s a demo that I really enjoyed compared to the Final Demo out now. It’ll be quite a treat to play and go back to some old school strategy RPG vibes. Watch out for our impressions soon!

Project Triangle Strategy has been announced for a 2022 release for the Nintendo Switch.


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