Saga Frontier and Legend of Mana Remasters both set to release this year

Square Enix is on a roll today! After the Project Triangle Strategy announcement, two beloved classics in Saga Frontier and Legend of Mana will make a triumphant return this year.

Set to release on April 15 and June 24 respectively, both Saga Frontier and Legend of Mana will receive a host of new upgrades, including optimized visuals and gameplay.

Apart from remastered visuals, Saga Frontier will include content that was cut from the original and will also add a new storyline to properly flesh out the story.

Legend of Mana will come with remastered visuals, a rearranged soundtrack, and the “Ring Ring
Land” mini-game which will be available to Asia for the first time.

Saga Frontier Remastered will be available on April 15 and Legend of Mana will be available on July 24. Both titles will release on the Switch, PS4, and PC.

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