Bytedance, owner of TikTok, has reportedly acquired Mobile Legends devs Moonton

In case you didn’t know who Bytedance is or what they do, you’re about to know more about them soon enough as reports have been circulating that they’ve acquired Moonton, the developers of Mobile Legends, one of the biggest mobile games in the Philippines and in SouthEast Asia.

This comes by way of Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad (and a report from Reuters), who has posted the news and has reiterated that Bytedance has huge interest in gaming and with this acquisition, will further their cause towards that segment in the industry. In fact, Bytedance have already hired over 2,000 staff for their game division.

Right now, details are scarce and it remains to be seen how this acquisition will affect both TikTok and Mobile Legends and if changes are going to be made for both products.

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