First look at Fantasian’s music teases Nobuo Uematsu’s excellent score

Legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu teases his new score of Mistwalker’s upcoming Apple Arcade RPG Fantasian. From what is being shown, the music is light on the ears but carries with it some of Uematsu’s greatest hits over his years working on Final Fantasy’s score.

As seen from the behind the scenes interview, Uematsu collaborated once again with Hironobu Sakaguchi so “he won’t have any regrets”. He feels that working on Fantasian “diversified” his music and it definitely shows downplaying his more majestic themes preferring a more ethereal score highlighted by the soft woodwind and piano that permeates in the background.

Upon seeing Sakaguchi’s dioramas, it inspired him to get onboard with the project. His daily routine would include getting up from bed at 5am, working on the music non-stop until 6pm and then have a beer and go to sleep. Sounds like a good life to have!

From what is heard in Kina’s theme, it sounds like a mix of his best leading lady themes. You can hear a tinge of Eyes on Me and Aerith’s theme all at once. It’s amazingly soothing and makes me rethink getting an Android phone going into my second year’s contract… maybe I’ll get an iPhone for this title.

Fantasian is coming soon to Apple Arcade.

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