Monster Hunter Rise review roundup shows a definite must-buy for fans of the series

The verdict is out and if you’ve been waiting for Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll be glad to know that the reviews from outfits around the world showers praises on Capcom’s latest installment in the long-running series. The game is essentially a must-buy, and while veteran hunters were going to buy it one way or the other, newcomers to the series will find Monster Hunter Rise to be quite the experience.

As of writing, its Metacritic rating sits at a score of 86, which is generally favorable, and is already the #2 best Switch game of 2021 according to the site. Here’s what the critics have to say about Monster Hunter Rise:

IGN Japan gave it a perfect 10, saying “While the essential component of repeatedly hunting monsters remains the same, the action elements have been refined with the introduction of the Wirebug and Switch Skill systems, and even monsters from previous games offer a fresh hunting challenge. The new Rampage mode, where the player must battle multiple large monsters at once, offers a stunning balance of difficulty and variety.”

Easy Allies gives it a 9, saying “Even with a few complaints, Monster Hunter Rise is an excellent addition to a series that carries high expectations. Rather than just follow what’s been successful in the past, Rise goes out of its way to experiment with bold new ideas that make it a more captivating game, whether it’s your first Monster Hunter or you’ve cooked thousands of well-done steaks before. The modest power of the Switch does little to diminish the thrill of the hunt, considering how great the game looks and runs. Without a doubt, Rise isn’t just a worthwhile Monster Hunter entry, but an essential game for anyone who owns Nintendo’s hybrid console.”

Siliconera gives it a 9, saying “Monster Hunter Rise is without a doubt one of the best Monster Hunter games I have ever played, if not the best outright. It caters to new and veteran players effortlessly, and while some accessibility issues holding it back from outright being a perfect game, it really offers the best of both worlds.”

VG247 gave it an 4/5, saying that “Ultimately, Monster Hunter Rise is a solid, standalone entry to the series which pulls back on the scope of recent games on more powerful platforms, but doesn’t skimp on the fundamentals that made the Monster Hunter name. While it does feel like a smaller package in terms of grand story presentation, the new additions and quality-of-life fixes make it less grindy to play, with greater flexibility in exploration, navigation, and resource collection adding to the portable possibilities.”

IGN gives it an 8, saying that “Monster Hunter Rise mixes classic Monster Hunter ideas with some of World’s best improvements and a whole bunch of clever new mechanics of its own. Not all of them are slam dunks, but they are all fun – and the introduction of Wirebugs and the mobility they bring to every fight is so great I never want to give them up. The post-launch updates Capcom is already teasing can’t come soon enough, but Monster Hunter Rise is still a thrilling step forward in the series’ evolution toward the new normal World so boldly introduced.”

Monster Hunter Rise is set to launch on March 26 for the Nintendo Switch, with a PC version coming early next year.

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