Some madlad in Vietnam pulled off a real-life Plash Speed 5 stunt

Users around the world have already been enjoying their PlayStation 5 but in some territories, the next-gen console is just starting to release. One such country is Vietnam, and in this case, as probably inspired by the now viral Plash Speed video (which even spawned a partnership with Sony), some madlad made sure his purchase was well hidden.

A Facebook post by user Lê Gia Hưng (as spotted by Nmia Gaming) pulled off a real-life Plash Speed 5 stunt, posing his brand new PlayStation 5 as a brand new router since their network was a bit slow. The post is in Vietnamese, but a quick run through google translate shares the following story:

The service provider’s story early this year.
At the beginning of the year, my family discovered that the network was a bit fluttering. I called through the call center to take care of it
Viettel’s customer care, I was completely surprised about how to take care of Viettel’s customers.
About 1 hour after the call, Viettel confirmed that the problem was the device, so it sent staff to upgrade the device to the latest generation of wifi transmitter.
After replacing a new device, my network’s speed was significantly improved.
I am really excited and recommend everyone to use Viettel.
Ps. Although the new wifi transmitter is a bit loud, but with high performance, it is still not a problem

I’m not sure if his family actually believes the whole stunt, but it’s quite amusing to see this sort of thing actually happen. They even posted a sticker of the Telecom company on the side of the PS5 to make it seem legit, going as far as getting someone to “install” it for them.

Sony must be proud.

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