Mistwalker’s Fantasian is a love letter to Final Fantasy IV

It’s been a while since we heard from Mistwalker, creators of Lost Odyssey and The Last Story, and led by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. Their latest title, Fantasian, is currently coming soon to Apple Arcade, with no plans to release on a console any time soon.

From the story trailer, it’s very much looking a lot closer to Final Fantasy rather than the hyper realistic Lost Odyssey, which was a masterpiece in its own right. Fantasian looks like a very inviting game to play, and goes a totally different direction from another mobile game remaking a remake.

From what looks like a cross between Xenosaga and Final Fantasy IV, in an interview from the Verge, Sakaguchi explains, “Playing [Final Fantasy IV] reminded me of how much I really adore that classic RPG genre, and renewed my interest in it,” Sakaguchi explains. “It made me want to go back to my roots.” With the title being constantly remade in the late 2000’s, it seems to be the game that is closest to their hearts.

Fantasian began development back in 2018 as part of their Terra Wars series for mobile and this ambitious work pushes Sakaguchi and Mistwalker to innovate every step of the way. With this, they’ve created a handcrafted diorama world of 150 painstakingly intricate models.

Featuring turn-based battles, beautifully rendered dioramas, and a magical sci-fi world akin to their classic Final Fantasy games featuring magi-tech knights, airships, and crystals — Fantasian is shaping up to be fantastic. I’m hoping this comes to consoles, most realistically on the Nintendo Switch.

Fantasian is coming soon exclusively on the Apple Arcade.

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