Final Fantasy VII Remake Mod Adds Swole Versions ‘Aerith Gainsbro’, ‘Beefa’, and ‘Buffie’

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has been the talk of the town ever since its release a couple of weeks ago. While a certain set of PC players are hopeful that the game will come to their platform sooner rather than later, some modders continue to work magic on Final Fantasy VII Remake.

A user by the name of FudgeX02 has uploaded a couple of new mods that jack up some of our favorite female characters, Aerith, Tifa, and Yuffie. It’s a fantastically comical mod that is both hilarious and downright silly, but seeing these characters put on some gains and bring the hurt to Hell House is a sight to see.

We’ll let the images do the talking.

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First off, here’s “Aerith Gainsbro” (pretty catchy name, not gonna lie)

Next up, we have Yuffie, who has never skipped leg day, otherwise known as “Buffie”

And here’s “Beefa”:

You can check all of FudgeX02’s Final Fantasy VII Remake mods HERE.

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