Severed Steel is a new futuristic looking FPS where you can’t reload

We’ve all heard of some crazy ideas for games, but not being able to reload in an FPS game is quite the surprise, In this new game called Severed Steel, get ready to experience bullet time like never before.

As announced on the PlayStation Blog, Severed Steel is an upcoming FPS game from Greylock Studio that features a one-armed protagonist named Steel that can’t reload, and instead uses her acrobatic abilities to acquire new firearms rather than changing clips.

“The missing arm concept came to me while thinking a lot about gameplay mechanics. I wanted to subvert the concept of reloading in shooting games, and I liked the concept of players constantly throwing, ditching, and picking up new weapons. I considered the idea of a one-armed character. Someone that would find creative ways to keep well-stocked with ammo in the midst of battle: rather than worry about reloading, they’d use their agility to steal weapons from enemies’ hands. Having a one-armed character who can’t reload opened a lot of unique gameplay.” says Matt Larrabee, Founder & Game Designer of Greylock Studio.

No release date has been announced for Severed Steel, but the game is entering its final development stretch, so we can expect more news about this upcoming title pretty soon.

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