‘Surreal narrative adventure’ Where The Heart Leads announced for July 13

Indie games are a mixed bag where you could get an enjoyable rogue-like like Hades or a puzzle game like Maquette. Sony recently announced a whole slew of new indie titles, but this specific one caught my attention the most, apart from Disco Elysium. Though my first impression with watching this upcoming surreal narrative adventure, Where The Heart Leads, it’s looking like a cross between Disco Elysium and what Maquette could’ve been.

When family man Whit attempts to save his dog, he falls into a sinkhole where a time warp brings him to relive a lifetime of memories. Watching the trailer, there’s a section where Whit talks to his wife about what to do with a damaged property whether to sell it or turn it into a creative domicile. It seems like you could explore whatever memory and see how it’ll play out.

It seems to be an excellent game for those looking for a narrative driven piece something along the lines of Oxenfree, which I keep raving about because it’s one of the best written games of 2016. Will this be another lightning in a bottle or a slow burn walking simulator that does not actualize its creative ideas?

The write up on the Playstation Blog says that the entire script is about 600,000 words, so maybe the right permutation can lead you into a narrative that you’ll probably enjoy. Just relax and go to where the heart leads.

Where The Heart Leads will release on July 13 on the PS4 and PS5.

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