Prince of Persia remake for the PlayStation 4 and Switch seemingly leaked

Another day, another Ubisoft leak. Far Cry 6 was the latest victim of these leaks prior to it being officially announced during Ubisoft Forward and now it seems that a long dormant but fan-favorite IP may be making a much awaited comeback.

A Guatemalan retailer called MAX has posted 2 entries for a Prince of Persia Remake coming to the PlayStation 4 and Switch. The page has been taken down already, but of course the screenshots have already been saved for reference. It could be argued that this is nothing, since it uses an old logo and key art for the entry, but a few tidbits make this leak more worthwhile than others.

One of our favorite industry insiders Jason Schreier tweeted about the leak, somewhat confirming that Ubisoft does indeed have a surprise announcement up its sleeve.

Schreier also mentions that a tweet pertaining to the validity of the leak will not age well, fanning the flames even more.

Schreier also goes on to say that he could have reported on this months ago if he wanted to.

Schreier’s information has been more than reliable and if this is to be believed, then hang on to your hourglasses as the sands of time may finally flow in our favor. There is another Ubisoft Forward planned for September, so the full reveal may happen then.

Now all we have to do is wait.

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