Days Gone PS4 Theme free for one day only

Fancy a new theme for your PS4? Bend Studio have shared some codes for the Days Gone “Old Sawmill” dynamic theme on their Twitter account, and the offer is only available today, so it would be best to redeem the codes as fast as you can before it expires.

Here are the codes per region:

  • US, Canada, LatAm: G98M-2AN3-L6L4
  • Europe: QG4H-NMNN-N7P2
  • Japan: 3BLE-QEN4-2HDL
  • Korea: M57A-FNNQ-AH5F
  • Asia: E775-GENL-M6CQ

Sadly, themes are not making their way on the PS5 (yet?), but since the console has been near impossible to get, there is still a sizeable player base still playing on the PS4, so this would surely be welcome for fans of the game.

PC Players will get a chance to play Days Gone when it releases on May 18, featuring 21:9 ultra-wide monitor support, unlocked framerates, improved visuals, mouse and keyboard support, and all post-launch content.

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