Narita Boy — Newbie Guide to taming some Wild Stallions

Narita Boy is no Cyber Shadow where the bullet hell will test your patience and then some. It’s an enjoyable indie retro action platformer that is more flash than actual fundamental gaming. Meaning, you can brute force your way out of most fights. Yet if you still need the guide, we’re always here for you fam!

The first few fights of the game will be understandably tough. You still don’t have access to most of your power ups, and some enemies can be a little annoying. Their patterns however can easily be predicted, and sadly many of them really don’t change it up.

While I’d love to give a guide against The Glove, the toughest boss in the game, a glitch in the system actually caused him to completely freeze and I just hacked away until he’s dead. This rarely happens so I’ll just enjoy it. Quoting retro gaming film The Wizard, “the power glove… it’s so bad”.

Anyway, here are is a guide to the first few bosses of the game plus an optional boss to get you started.

Versus Lord VHS

Lord VHS is the textbook first boss of the game. With nothing but your Techno Sword and your wits, your only option really is to brute force this guy. Dodge his casette ground attack and poke him three times. Watch out where he teleports and repeat the pattern until he’s defeated.

Versus Glaucoma

Glaucoma’s pattern is not that difficult to figure out, but this Akira reject is only vulnerable five seconds before he launches his flesh rend attack. Make sure to hang by the walls, avoid the maggots, and launch a Uni-Beam attack. About two of these would send them crying back to their boss.

Versus Red Dragon

This is one of the more epic battles you’ll fight as you’ll be fighting them on your Servo-horse form. While you have crazy muscle power, it is a little slower than usual. The pattern is quite easy, attack on one side then dash to the other side and repeat. When he switches to Dragon mode, just dodge the attacks and repeat until he’s defeated.

Versus Crab

By the time you face this boss, you’ll have two summons and quite a lot of power bars. He’ll launch a barrage of small crabs at you, so take them all out with a well-timed Ground Attack. This will fill up your power bars super fast. Then spam the summons and the Uni-beams until he’s dead.

Versus Fishkoi

This boss is a little tricky because just like Glaucoma, they are only vulnerable five seconds before their super attack. Plus you have that small window to attack them as the platform they materialize is five seconds before their attack. So attack with swords then switch to Uni-beam. About two and a half of this would turn them into sashimi.

Optional Boss: Versus Redbeard

Redbeard is invulnerable. His parrot is not. Try to get a window to attack the parrot. When the parrot returns to Redbeard, wait until the pirate launches his spear attack. He basically will freeze in place and then you can just attack the parrot until it dies. Parrot dies, pirate dies. Collect your booty.

Optional Boss 2: Getting over your ex

narita boy screenshot

Sorry fam, you’re on your own.

Narita Boy is current available on the PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. It is also available Day One on the Xbox Game Pass.

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