PlayStation 5 is the fastest selling console in US history

Whether or not you’re able to secure one over the last six months, the numbers show that the PlayStation 5 is the fastest selling console in the US according to March’s NPD report. While February’s report may read the same, the distinction is PS5 has hit both dollar and unit sales to make it the fastest selling console in US history, even outpacing the PS4, which was arguably a beast on its own.

It is also worth noting that with this sales boost, software and accessories for the PlayStation 5 will also be boosted in association, you can’t just get a PS5 and that would be enough (except if you’re a scalper). Spider-Man Miles Morales is the 2nd fastest PS5 best-selling game and the Dualsense controller is the leading accessory in dollar sales from March. When it rains, it pours.

This feat is particularly impressive selling during a time of a pandemic, but at the same time if we’re going spend ore time indoors, might as well spend it with a powerful gaming system on hand. With a recent major update just happening allowing USB data transfer, we hope you’re able to secure your own console soon.

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