Square Enix shuts down acquisition rumors

What rumors, you ask? Well, earlier today, social media was abuzz with a rumor floating around that apparently, Square Enix (yes, that Square Enix), is being targeted by multiple parties for acquisition. This comes from a report by Bloomberg Japan, and has been circulating throughout the day, sparking rumors of another acquisition of the same level as the Bethesda acquisition.

The report itself didn’t contain too many details, and social media had been throwing around names like Microsoft and Sony and Tencent as the possible buyers of the Japanese media giant. Just recently, the report has been denied, and by none other than Square themselves.

Square Enix have put out a statement, saying that “We do not consider selling off the company or any part of its businesses, nor have we received any offer from any third party to acquire the company or any part of its businesses.”

If an acquisition were to happen, who would you think would be the best buyer would be?

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