Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker will release on November 23, Reaper job revealed

Over the weekend, Final Fantasy XIV held its Digital Fan Festival 2021, which is a celebration of all things FF14, including some huge updates for the next expansion, Endwalker.

Endwalker will launch on November 23, 2021 and with it, a TON of new updates including a new Job, a new raid, a new hub city called Old Sharlayan, a new town called Radz-at-Han, a new area called Mare Lamentorum, Male Viera’s, and a fantastic looking Collector’s Edition. Whew.

One of the bigger reveals was the new melee DPS job, the Reaper. Utilizing a 2-handed scythe, which makes you look cool while slaying foes, the Reaper can also summon the aid of a Void spirit to help out in battle. The Reaper joins the Sage as the second new job for the Endwalker expansion.

You can view the fantastic reveal trailer below.

Also revealed was the Collector’s Edition of the Endwalker expansion, which is now available (and sold out) for preorders on the Square Enix Store, contains a bunch of goodies that retails for $140 (Around PHP7,000) and includes:

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Collector’s Edition

  • Endwalker Special Art Box – A unique glossy white-inlaid box that features an illustration of Hydaelyn and Zodiark by artist Yoshitaka Amano.
  • Expertly Crafted Paladin Figure – An impressive high-quality figure that showcases the Warrior of Light as a paladin using Passage of Arms to shield allies from harm. Including the base, the figure’s dimensions are approximately W 6.10″ x D 8.46″ x H 7.28″ (W 15.5cm x D 21.5cm x H 18.5cm).
  • Art Collection & Frame Set – A collection of ten B5-sized (approx. 7.2″ x 10.1″ / 18.2cm x 25.7cm) art prints featuring key visuals from throughout the history of FINAL FANTASY XIV, from version 1.0 through Endwalker. The set also includes a frame so you can showcase your favorite image.
  • Azem Pin – A pin created to mimic the appearance of Azem’s crystal. Designed to fit in the palm of your hand at approximately 1″ x 1.2″ (2.5cm x 3.0cm).
  • Loporrit Mini Plush – A mini plush version of a Loporrit. The plush is approximately 6.5″ tall (16.5cm).

You can watch all of the Day 1 and 2 festivities below:

Final Fantasy XIV is now available for the PS4, PS5, and PC.

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