Death Stranding Director’s Cut will be a PS5 exclusive according to an ESRB rating

Death Stranding Director’s Cut was unveiled during Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live, where Hideo Kojima himself made an appearance and eventually revealed the upcoming title as his “One More Thing”. While the original game is currently out on both the PS4 and the PC, according to the ESRB rating, this director’s cut will be a PS5 exclusive, which implies that this could be more than just a PS5 upgrade especially if it will retail at full price.

Also interestingly enough, there’s a curious description of extra stealth actions in Death Stranding Director’s Cut, saying that “Players can perform stealth takedowns of enemies (e.g., strangling characters from behind)”. If this is the case, as teased in the trailer, there may be a possibility of new mechanics added such as using Fragile boxes to sneak past guards in tightly guarded spots ala Metal Gear.

While having another PS5 exclusive may be leaving fans in the dark, only time would tell what the extra content will be included on the game. Much like Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, which was a PS5 exclusive, PS4 owners may not be too happy not being able to experience the INTERmission DLC and miss out on Yuffie’s Remake appearance.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is a PS5 exclusive release with no launch date yet as of writing.

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