Cris Tales Is Free On The Epic Games Store

The free games from the Epic Games store keeps on coming and this week, we’re treated to an RPG that might have flown under the radar when it was released last year, Cris Tales.

Simply click on THIS LINK to go directly to the Cris Tales page and redeem the game to add it to your library. Of course, for this to work, you’ll need to have an Epic Games account so now would be a good time to register if you haven’t yet.

The deal will run until March 4 at 12 AM so you have about a full week to redeem this free game, don’t miss out!

cris tales free epic games

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Cris Tales tells the story of Crisbell who, after a chance encounter with a talking frog Matias, is able to unlock her time mage powers that allow her to see the past and the future. The game has fascinating use of time to apply various effects based on the actions you do, and is a decent RPG for those looking for a quick fix.

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