As if it weren’t big enough, initial designs of the PlayStation 5 were much bigger

We’ve all seen how much of a big boy the PlayStation 5 is over the past few months. From the initial teardown to the various unboxing videos, there’s no denying the size and heft of the PS5. It’s huge, but did you know that it could have been bigger?

In a recent interview with the Washington Post, Senior Art Director at Sony Yujin Morisawa recently spilled the beans about the design of the PlayStation 5, saying that it could have actually been bigger if engineering didn’t stop him. “When I started drawing, it was much larger even though I didn’t know what engineering was going to do. It’s kind of funny that engineering actually told me it’s too big. So, I actually had to shrink it down a little bit from the first drawing.”

playstation 5 beauty shot

Of course, when the design was first released, many people made fun of it and compared it to a router, a building, and all sorts of other stuff. Morisawa had no hard feelings and said that “I think it’s a good thing. When you design something, you want to make it feel comfortable. Sometimes it looks like a plant or some animal or some object. I think that’s more comfortable than something that’s weird, or something that they’ve never seen before. I think there’s a balance there.

While it may be a big console, the PlayStation 5 is packing enough power to change the way everybody plays their games. From the load time reduction to the improved graphics and frame rates, the next generation console will soon make its way into homes worldwide and with it, a fresh new start to another generation of gaming.

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