Yakuza: Like A Dragon – A Walking Tour Of Kamurocho in 2000

Yakuza: Like A Dragon just launched and as we are getting ready for our review, it’ll take us a little time to get it out because I keep getting distracted by nostalgia. The first hour of delving into the game takes us back to December 31, 2000, Kamurocho… about five years before the events of Yakuza or Yakuza Kiwami. We follow our hero, Ichiban Kasuga throughout a pretty weird point in Kamurocho history.

So many iconic fights in this future skyscraper

Yakuza Zero was a pretty decadent time in the 80s and as the city grew exponentially the next few decades, there was a lull in its cityscape prior to the construction of the iconic Millennial Tower. The Shangri-La still stands before the unforgettable showdown between Goro Majima and Kazuma Kiryu. And a few other landscapes where story points throughout the series took place. It was so old, they don’t have a branch of Don Quixote just yet.

Spoiler Alert: This will be a Don Quixote

Come check out our gallery of memories throughout its crazy seven mainline series run and if you include Yakuza Zero and Judgment, that’s almost ten games in the series where this setting has taken place. You probably know where all the good spots are and how they’ve changed throughout the years.

Seriously though, almost ten mainline games and we still haven’t eaten at that NY Hotdog place. They’ve put in Ikinari Steak, Gindaco, and Gyu Kaku but no love for the hotdog. Shame.

Our review of Yakuza: Like a Dragon will be out soon, as soon as we get out of this nostalgia trap that we’re caught in.

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