Starfield release date reportedly set for late 2022

Ahh Starfield, the game that we’ve almost seen or heard nothing official about but manages to raise the hype levels so much. Recent news reports have pointed that the game will be an Xbox and PC exclusive, which actually is the most logical conclusion, but now reports are popping up that the Starfield release date is sometime in late 2022.

This comes from industry journalist and insider Jason Schreier, saying that the plan is to tease the game at E3, with its release date tagged for late 2022. It’s been widely rumored that the game was supposed to release later this year, but Schreier is saying that 2022 is when the Starfield release date is targeted.

Schreier goes on to say that Starfield is “nowhere near done” and that the Starfield team has been very small until 2019 because majority of Bethesda Game Studios was working on Fallout 76.

Microsoft is gearing up for a strong push for this generation, and will rely on their heavily stacked first party studios to produce exclusives that will strengthen the case for the Xbox Series and Game Pass. Starfield is just one piece to the puzzle, but a very important one at that.

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