Metaphor: ReFantazio Reveals Details About the Combat and Battle System

In a nutshell

  • Metaphor: ReFantazio is the next title from Atlus and is scheduled to launch on October 11
  • Metaphor: ReFantazio will feature a new battle system that blends turn-based and action-centric gameplay
  • Fast Battles and Squad Battles will be introduced to Metaphor: ReFantazio to offer more variety, among other new features

SEGA has provided new information about Metaphor: ReFantazio, revealing details about the combat and battle system of the game.

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Here’s what you need to know about the battle system of Metaphor: ReFantazio:

Enhanced Turn-Based Combat
Metaphor: ReFantazio features a new battle system that merges the best elements of turn-based and action-centric gameplay, offering an unprecedented way to explore dungeons. Fast Battle allow you to directly attack enemies roaming the overworld in real-time, while in Squad Battles, you’ll be able to face your opponents tactically with turn-based combat.

Fae Sight
With the help of the protagonist’s fairy ally, Gallica, you’ll be able to detect the danger level posed by
the enemies around you. Scope out monsters lurking nearby and choose your combat style

Fast Battles
Fast Battles are an effective way to take on lower-level enemies you’ve already fought before. Lock
on to your enemies, dash, and evade your attackers as you explore, or take them out in one fell
swoop. Each Archetype has a different type of attack, so discover which ones suit you best!

Squad Battles
When Gallica identifies yellow or red enemies with Fae Sight, these enemies can pose a threat to
your party, so stay on the lookout. Gain advantage over these foes by repeatedly striking them in
Fast Battle to stun them, then switch to Squad Battle to finish them off.

Turn-Based Combat
Take on enemies with up to 4 characters in your party. As the story unfolds, you’ll be able to choose
from 7 characters, so use each of their strengths to your advantage as you assemble your party.
Metaphor: ReFantazio simplifies combat by letting you perform each action with the tap of a single

During battle, the protagonist and his allies will be able to transform into the Archetypes they’ve awakened. Each Archetype wields unique skill sets that help you turn the tides of battle. Use them to
effectively target your opponents’ weaknesses and control the flow of combat.

Your Archetypes also come with their own weaknesses and disadvantages as well—so choose wisely.
The composition of your party also plays a crucial role. You can change up your party members’ turn
order, swap them out mid-battle, or even move them to the front or back. Use these tactical
maneuvers to shift the odds in your favor!

Metaphor: ReFantazio has a high difficulty setting to keep players on the edge of their seats, but if
you’re finding it too challenging, you don’t need to worry, as you’ll be able to freely adjust the game’s
difficulty at any time. Other helpful features have also been added to allow you to play according to
your preferred style.

Dungeons Where Powerful Foes Run Rampant
Lethal labyrinths
During your quest to become the king of Euchronia, you must venture into perilous labyrinths, known
to lead adventurers to their deaths. You’ll encounter formidable monsters and obstacles and discover
hidden treasures and powerful gear. Some dungeons will be pivotal to advancing the main story,
while others offer optional adventures that will let you take on new quests.

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Awaken Your Archetype, a Heroic Embodiment that Dwells Within You
What is an Archetype?
You and your party will awaken Archetypes, the power of heroic embodiments, as you face hardships
in your journey, deepen your bonds with your followers, and build rapport as a team. Unleash these
powers in battle and don the abilities of various heroes!

Many kinds of Archetypes exist, each with their own abilities and traits. Seekers are all-round fighters,
Mages excel at targeting enemies’ weaknesses with their offensive magic, while Thieves skillfully
plunder treasure. It’s up to you to choose which Archetypes work best for your party!

Build Your Party and Choose Your Archetypes
Assemble a powerful team
Each of your party members brings their unique capabilities to the table. By changing up your party
members and the Archetypes they use, you’ll be able to greatly impact the flow of battle.

Choose the right Archetype
Expand your arsenal by unlocking new Archetypes for your allies. Assess the best way to tackle each
dungeon and the foes you’ll encounter, then equip the Archetypes that suit your needs. With good
team composition, you’ll be able to overcome higher level enemies.

Draw Strength from Your Loyal Followers
Foster bonds and acquire followers
Meet people from all walks of life throughout your journey. Building strong ties with them can turn
them into valuable followers who’ll support you in your quest to become king. You can also awaken
new Archetypes and unlock new abilities.

Learn more about your followers
By interacting with those who support your claim to the throne, you’ll unlock substories. These allow
you a glimpse into their backstory. Each follower has their own story to tell and past to discover. Your
interactions will strengthen your party and add rich new layers to the narrative. Take on substories at
your own pace. How you choose to navigate your journey will play a huge impact on the growth of
your party and the overall story.

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Metaphor: ReFantazio is launching in Fall 2024 for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, and PC via Windows and Steam.

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