Beware of possible Resident Evil Village spoilers floating around

It’s only a matter of days before Resident Evil Village is finally released on May 7, and most, if not all players, can finally have game’s breakout character Lady Alcina Dimitrescu chase them around to their hearts content. Apparently though, some are likely getting their fantasy fulfilled earlier than expected.

According to a certain Twitter post by Kaiser499 (as spotted by Twisted Voxel), copies of Resident Evil Village may have already been sold in Australia as early as a couple of weeks ago, and thus it’s very likely some players are already playing the game as we speak.

The Twitter post in question even has a picture of the physical copy of Resident Evil Village for the PlayStation 5, supposedly adding credibility to the claim.

Now while the claims of this post should still be taken with a big grain of salt, fans eagerly waiting the release of Resident Evil Village should be very careful around the internet as street dates for some games in the past have been broken before.

Should there already be copies of the game out in the wild, it’s very likely spoiler videos will also be up and about disclosing never before seen areas, enemies, and possibly plot elements completely ruining the experience. So please exercise caution especially when browsing videos and images or you may find yourself exposed to an experience breaking plot revelation or undisclosed game detail you did not want to see before Resident Evil Village’s release.

Resident Evil Village is scheduled to release on May 7 for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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