Hades finally coming to consoles on August 13, local price revealed

It’s been too long since it released for the Nintendo Switch, but the critically acclaimed blockbuster hit Hades, from Supergiant Games, is finally (FINALLY!) headed to the PlayStation and Xbox consoles on August 13 in both a physical and digital release. The game was spotted bearing a Korean rating last month, prompting whispers of a console release.

Publisher Private Division have also announced that the physical edition for the PS4 and PS5 will retail for PHP 1,580, and preorders will be available soon across local stores. There is extra incentive to get the physical version, especially for collectors, since it includes a booklet containing artwork from the game’s Art Director, Jen Zee, as well as a redeemable code for Hades’ fantastic soundtrack. The first-run prints of the retail PlayStation copies will also include an eye-catching metallic foil detailing across the cover art, perfect for individuals looking to add a standout piece to their shelf.

As Hades makes a jump to more powerful hardware, players will be able to experience the game at 1080p and a target 60fps for the PS4 and Xbox One, while PS5 and Xbox Series users will enjoy the game at 4K and a target 60fps.

Sadly though, as per the Supergiant Games blog, this new version of Hades will not support cross-saves unlike the Nintendo Switch version, which is bad news for those who have been playing and would want to carry over their previous progress.

Hades is now available for the PC and Nintendo Switch.

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