Marvel’s Avengers new patch includes a bug that displays your IP address

Marvel’s Avengers has been on a rocky road since it released last year. The team behind the game is constantly pumping out new updates and fixes, even showing a roadmap that includes the Black Panther, but their latest update isn’t exactly one to write home about, containing a bug that displays your IP address.

Spotted by Paul Tassi of Forbes, the bug is a pretty nasty one, which actually shows off a string of characters on the bottom part of your screen, including your IP address and User Name. That’s totally a security disaster waiting to happen, especially for gamers who are streaming the game.

Check out Tassi’s screenshot below:

Thankfully, the Dev team have been made aware of the situation and are currently working on a hotfix for it. The bug seems limited to the PS5 version of the game for now, and hopefully the hotfix solves the issue asap. In the mean time, players are being advised to stop streaming the game for now.

The latest Marvel’s Avengers patch is quite the update, and includes a new Beating the Odds villain sector, a Cosmic threat event, and a bunch of other fixes and tweaks. Hopefully, a fix can be issued right away, as stopping people from playing the game because of a serious security bug is not exactly the right way to get players assembled again.

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