Marvel’s Avengers announces Black Panther: War For Wakanda expansion for later this year

Where's Spider-Man though?
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In case you missed it, Marvel’s Avengers launched on the PS5 today with The Hawkeye expansion being offered free. During Square Enix Presents, a new expansion starring Black Panther dubbed War For Wakanda will be launching later in 2021 as part of their revised roadmap.

It’s looking quite interesting, given what will be offered for Marvel’s Avengers after a rough launch. We’re interested to see how the future of Marvel’s Avengers looks with a tweaked XP progression system for the post-game content and these new expansions underway.

The question remains however: Where the hell is Spider-Man? Based on this 2021 roadmap, he’s looking to be far from home.

black panther expansion roadmap

Black Panther War For Wakanda expansion will launch later in 2021.


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