Myth: Gods of Asgard looks heavily inspired by Hades

How does one not know of Hades at this day and age? Supergiant’s latest (and greatest) hit to date has garnered almost universal praise, and is considered as a genre redefining effort that is truly laudable.

Being so, it would not be surprising if some games would try and imitate the formula set forth by Hades. In fact, that isn’t exactly a new thing, with some titles being “reskinned” to a certain degree while keeping core elements intact, especially in mobile games.

What happens though when a game is so heavily inspired by another, that it could almost literally be the same game?

Enter Myth: Gods of Asgard, a mobile game by Mana Games, which is currently in early access. As spotted by Kotaku, the game does look very similar to Hades. In fact, seeing gameplay below from Youtube Channel Gaming Mobile, you can say that Myth: Gods of Asgard is heavily inspired by Hades. Too heavy, in fact, that it could be mistaken as a reskinned Hades, even down to certain elements like the spiked traps, the boons (called “Blessings”), as well as the doors leading to the next area.

You can judge for yourself from the gameplay video below:

Of course, as it is a mobile game, Myth: Gods of Asgard has some mobile mechanics such as gacha-type summons and currency to grind for upgrades, but the comparison is undeniable, and Supergiant is apparently already aware of it.

Kotaku has reached out to Supergiant for a comment, and was replied to by Creative Director Greg Kasavin, saying “We appreciate all the concern about this expressed by Hades fans since this game surfaced several days ago. We had never heard of this game before, so we raised the issue with our legal counsel and are exploring our options,”

It would be interesting to see what happens to Myth: Gods of Asgard the next few days and weeks, and if some legal action will indeed be taken by Supergiant.

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