Final Fantasy IX makes a return as a kiddie animated series

Fans of the classic PlayStation RPG that are somehow looking for some sort of comeback can look forward to one soon… in the form of an animated series.

Yep, Final Fantasy IX, one of the best installments in the series to some, will have a show set to begin production later this year or in early 2022, according to Kidscreen.

Cyber Group Studios, a Paris-based company, has secured a co-development and co-production deal with Square Enix, which will see them bring the game to life aimed at 8-13 year old kids.

final fantasy ix

“The games have a strong co-viewing potential. For those who do know Final Fantasy IX , this will be an [introduction],” says Pierre Sissmann, CEO of Cyber Group Studios. “And for the many who don’t, this will immerse them in a universe they’ll love.”

A similar animated series targeted towards a younger audience is Sonic Prime, which will premiere on Netflix

Sounds like a long way to go, but are you looking forward to this upcoming project?

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